Drivr3joe was one of the creators and the founder of Club Penguin Universe. He joined the team on March 4th, however due to Pigeon Patrol threatening him, sending pizzas to his house, and sending SWAT teams to his house he had to evacuate his house. He left the team on March 10, 2018 due to problems lead to Pigeon Patrol and had to leave his home, but later returned to the team on March 11th. He left the team again on March 12, 2018 in order to make sure he is safe and not becoming endangered by his family. On March 20, 2018, he returned to the team with a live stream on CPRP the CPPS made by Pigeon Patrol. However on March 29th 2018, The staff banned Drivr and also AngelCPPS. Drivr stated that the game is no longer safe. DO NOT PLAY CPU FOR YOUR SAFETY - ThisIsMorgan


  • The Pigeon Patrol incident is much like the scenario where former Club Penguin Rewritten administrator, Joee left because he had an "unsafe workspace." He claimed that his reasoning for him leaving wasn't because of Codey, it was become of someone else.
  • He currently have over 20,000 subscribers in which most of the subscribers were former players who have played Club Penguin Rewritten (a former and a popular CPPS).
  • Drivr3joe has been losing viewers since he quit and is currently only going down.
  • In recent news someone named "SquirrelCub" has been raiding his server causing his server to be less active.